Pricing will be based on the following:

  • Phase 1 Cleaning
  • Phase 2 Cleaning
  • Volume
  • Stocking
  • Turn Around Time
  • Shipping & Handling



We maintain a supply of most commonly used clamps and gaskets as a value add on to our customers.

Please call for current pricing.

Turn around time, in most cases, is next business day

If you’re on a tight schedule, give us a call to see how we can help. ​​

Documented results

Each visit with us will produce a before and after report documenting the overall health of your filter.

Environmentally Friendly

We safely collect soot and ash and then environmentally dispose of it.

Low cost maintenance solution

Offering the highest quality service at a competitive price.

The Process

  1. Each filter is given a serial number when it reaches our facility, which is later used for processing the filter, documenting the results and further referencing in the future. The serial number ensures that the filter that is returned to you is yours.
  2. We perform a flow test and compare it to base line data.
  3. The filter is then visually inspected for any damage, dents, cracks or other characteristics.
  4. Phase one: First we use a pneumatic process to remove soot and ash.
  5. We then flow test the filter, log results, then we utilize Phase 2.
  6. Phase 2: Using thermal processing, this second step assists in the removal of material on cell sidewalls.
  7. The filter is processed through Phase 1 again.
  8. We retest the filter a 3rd time using the flow test and compare it once more to the baseline data.
  9. The filter is then categorized as Green, Orange or Red, based on the results of the final flow test, visual inspection and cell depths.
  10. Finally, the filter is shipped back to the customer.