DPF Cleaning Specialists Ltd. Your Maintenance Partner

Now Selling DPF’s DOC’s SCR’s and ONE BOXES.  New Aftermarket.  These are NOT REMANS.  NO CORE CHARGES.

CALL 1-877-373-2580 for pricing and availability.

You may need a DPF Cleaning Specialists to clean your DOC and or DPF (exhaust emission system) if:

  • Manufacturer recommendations
  • Back pressure increases
  • Frequent regeneration
  • Diminished performance or fuel economy

Our process uses FSX equipment, proven technology, yielding the very best results.

Cleaning your exhaust emission systems will extend the life of your filter, maintain engine power, promote fuel economy and safeguard the environment.

Cleaning your exhaust emission system will also protect upstream components such as turbo, EGR cooler, EGV valve and intake runners.


  • Windsor: 519-737-6005
  • Toll Free: 1-877-373-2580


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