About Us

Established Windsor in 2009, DPF Cleaning Specialists is family owned and operated serving Southern Ontario and Michigan.  Our team of DPF experts are dedicated to servicing your truck or fleet with proven technology while maintaining our commitment to the environment.  Cleaning of these filters is the core business provided by DPF Cleaning Specialists.

We provide documented results.  These results can help in the maintenance planning of your fleet ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

When you clean your DPF & DOC with DPF Cleaning Specialists we guarantee that you are serviced with the highest ranked industry standard equipment.  Our knowledgeable employees will provide reliable and reputable service to the transportation industry, personal vehicle market, construction and farming industries.

Our process recycles the soot and ash collected from your filter which are then environmentally disposed of, creating a cleaner tomorrow for everyone.

Our highly qualified team of experts is your solution to achieving improved efficiencies in your vehicles.